Programs Offered

A Three-Part Program for ages 4 to 7

* The ABCs of Meeting, Greeting, and Saying Good-bye
* Little Things We Say and Do
* 1, 2, 3, Let’s Eat!

The Children’s Etiquette Programs:

Three Age Groups (Ages 8 – 12, Ages 13 – 17, Ages 18 – 22)

Promoting Confidence and Leadership Skills
* Introductions
* Handshaking
* Telephone Manners
* Polite Conversations, Compliments and Kindness
* Public Speaking
* Public Places
* Gifts and Thank You Notes
* Preparing for a Job Search

The Children’s Dining Programs:

Promoting Table Manners with Ease
* Setting the Table
* ABCs of Dining at Home and in Restaurants
* Styles of Eating
* Difficult to Eat Foods
* Party Planning
* Host & Guest Duties
* Receiving Lines

The Business Savvy Programs:

Outclass The Competition and Have Fun Doing It
* How to Distinguish Yourself from the Competition
* How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
* Handshaking – The Ultimate Greeting
* Introducing Yourself and Others
* Eye Signals
* Business Card Savvy
* How to Improve Your Mingling Proficiency

Dine Like A Diplomat

Acquire the Polish of a Knowledgeable, World-Class Executive
* Business Entertaining
* Receiving Lines
* Host and Guest Duties
* Toasting
* Napkins
* Styles of Eating: American, Continental, and Asian
* The Silent Service Code
* Silverware Savvy
* World-Class Dos and Don’ts
* Eating Various Foods
* Dining Dos and Don’ts
* Tipping

How To Succeed IN THE International Arena

Sensible Strategies to Broaden Your Global Awareness
* Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence
* Pre-meeting Action Plan
* Negotiating to Win
* First Impressions Are Lasting
* Rank and Status Awareness
* Business Card Protocol
* Business Customs and Terminology
* Electronic Communications
* Global Communication Styles
* Global Conversation Skills
* Project Cultural Awareness
* Gift Giving Protocol
* Strategic Dos and Don’ts

Programs are custom designed to meet your goals.
Contact the institute for personal consultations,
family and group rates.
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