Executive Etiquette Power

Executive Etiquette Power is the key ingredient to building confidence, getting you point across with finesse and making a great impression with your clients and colleagues. More professional savvy and sophistication are yours with these expert insights from the top executive etiquette experts in North America. With Executive Etiquette Power you will present your best every day and be ready to handle every situation with grace.

Table of Contents

The Power of Social Capital

Why Civility and Etiquette are
Critical to Your Professional Success

By Deborah King, AICI CIP

book executive etiquette power

The Psychological Power
of Embracing Executive Etiquette

By Suzanne Zazulak Pedro

Boosting Your Charisma Quotient

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversationalists
By Terry Pithers

Working a Room for Maximum Impact

By Barbara Finney

Your Best Executive Image

Setting the Foundation
By Vonetta Dumas

Flawless Feasting

A Guide to Executive Table Manners
By Debra Gitto

Entertaining with Polish and Pizazz

Being a Confident Host and a Gracious Guest
By Kay Stephan

Seven Keys to Being an Accomplished Executive Leader

By Pamela Minyard, MS

Leading with Finesse

By Katherine Bessell Wurzburg, AICI FLC

The Etiquette of the Deal

By Linda Cain

Cultivating Influence and Loyalty with Clients and Colleagues

By Dallas Teague Snider, CMP

How to Say It and Not Regret It

By Barbara Khozam

Press Protocol

Doing It Like a Pro
By Holiday Johnson

Let’s Talk

Your Guide to Effective Phone Etiquette
By Kim Maxwell

Public Speaking with Ease

How to Captivate Your Audience
By Kristina Schwende, CEP

High-Tech Etiquette

By Shery Scott

Primed with Professional Protocol

Hosting International Clients and Business Travel Abroad
By Listi A. Sobba

Eight Good Luck Tips for Proper Chinese Etiquette

By Sindy Seid

The Art of Doing Business in India

By Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl, Executive MBA (UK), AICI FLC

Barbara Finney